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ME Auto Export Service is a family-owned business established in 2010 with headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. After we built a great reputation with our Canadian Container Car Shipping Oakville, Ontario, L6L 2X5, we implemented and introduced overseas car shipping and motorcycle shipping.  We do not only ship cars across Canada, we are successful at auto export around the world! Our team is in charge of transporting vehicles worldwide via trucks, boats, ships, and trains.

We are the best Canadian Overseas Car shipping Company. We manage safe car shipping worldwide at convenient pricing. We work with clients from all Canadian provinces. Thus, we can transport vehicles from/to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

We also cover most territories worldwide. Our safe vehicle transport routes include Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Therefore, if you want to ship your car from the Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc) or any of the Gulf countries, you can reach out to us. Furthermore, we do transports from/to Nigeria, Jordan, Ukraine, and all the European countries. 

Container Car Shipping Oakville, Ontario, L6L 2X5
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Overseas car shipping Oakville, Ontario, L6L 2X5

About Overseas Car Shipping

From Canada to the world and vice versa! We have strong connections and reputable partners. You can purchase a car and ship it anywhere you desire; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Nigeria, Ukraine, Jordan, as well as any other country! ME Auto Export Service utilizes protocols that ensure safe car loading and shipping. We document the condition of the car before the container car shipping. When you receive the vehicle, you can revise it again and make sure everything is in perfect condition!


1. Car Shipping Consultation

We will determine all the conditions of your transport during the consultation. Then, we will proceed by taking over the vehicle from its point of origin. 

2. We Transport The Vehicle To Our Warehouses

ME Auto Export has warehouses all over the world that we use for car forwarding. Our team safely transports vehicles to the nearest warehouse via truck, or train. We carefully execute the whole process so no damages or accidents occur on the road. 

3. Insurance Check

When the vehicle arrives at our warehouse, we complete another insurance check. Then, we take photos of the vehicle from every angle. Those photos serve to demonstrate the condition of the car when it arrived at our warehouse. 

4. Storing The Vehicle In A Container

Our professionals store the vehicle in a container carefully and precisely. Our container car shipping satisfies the highest safety standards. We anchor the car to the bottom of the container by using steel cables, timber wedges, and rope. If necessary, we use additional material to protect the vehicles of our respected clients. That way, your vehicle can resist a high tension and stay intact during the whole car shipping process. Each container obtains a proper tag by customs and ID tags, which serve for a higher level of security. Additionally, we can track every container by its number. 

5. Closing and Sealing The Containers

To ensure 100% safe transport, we follow the same procedure for every car loading and shipping. Thus, our team closes and seals all containers in our warehouse located in North America. We do not reopen them until they arrive at the destination ports in Europe, Asia, and/or the Middle East. 

Canadian car shipping company Oakville, Ontario, L6L 2X5

Why Choose Us For Container Car Shipping?

ME Auto Export Service is a client-oriented company. We design our services based on your needs and requirements. 

Typically, the car shipping companies approve auto transport of at least 4 vehicles. If you want to ship only one car, the price would be very high! 

At ME Auto Export, you can import only one vehicle without extra charges! In case you want to transport more cars, you can do that as well. Our large containers can ship upto 4 vehicles so you can complete a large auto transport with one service. Contact Now!

We Provide

Speed and efficiency

Our auto transport doesn’t take more time than necessary. We do not keep vehicles in ports for days, we do not have unexplained delays. In case there are any sudden setbacks, we notify our customers immediately.

Reliability and Safety

Our experience in car forwarding took the safety measures of our services to the next level. We document the condition of the vehicle before the transport as proof of our efficiency. When the car arrives at its final destination, you can do additional checkups and ensure the vehicle stays intact during the car shipping process.

Innovative auto export methodologies

We utilize modern tools, materials, and technologies for our freights. ME Auto Export constantly implements services to stay on top of the auto export industry in Canada.

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