Ocean Freight Car Shipping Canada

Car Shipping Ocean Freight from Canada is a cost-effective & safe shipping method. You can ship your car in a container or Roll On Roll Off Shipping method. ME Auto Export Services Inc is a trusted auto shipping service provider in Oakville, Ontario Canada.  Our first priority is to deliver your vehicle safe and sound with no scratches. We use the best techniques to secure your car in container. We are the best Canadian Overseas Car Exporting Company. We manage safe Ocean Freight car shipping worldwide at convenient pricing. We work with clients from all Canadian provinces. 

We also cover most territories worldwide. Our safe vehicle transport routes include Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Therefore, if you want to ship your car from the Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc) or any of the Gulf countries, you can reach out to us. Furthermore, we do transports from/to Nigeria, Jordan, Ukraine, and all the European countries. 

Our Ocean Freight Car Shipping Service quality meets the highest standards of the industry, our quotes remain reasonable and affordable. The pricing varies depending on your requirements, shipping destination, the quantity of your vehicles, and other factors. To get the quote for your car forwarding, you need to get in touch with us. 

Our strategists and logistics specialists will show you a list of our services that you could find convenient. We will also provide additional advice and information that could help you make the final decision. After receiving the quote for your car loading and shipping, you can be sure that we will not come up with any extra charges. At ME Export Services, there are no hidden taxes and fees. Our billing will be clear and you will know exactly what you paid for!

Container Car Shipping Canada

Container car shipping is a cost-effective shipping method that you can use to transport vehicles nationwide. If you choose to ship your car in a container, you can be sure that it will arrive safely. From the moment our loaders load the container, we will not open it until reaching the final destination. Nobody will be allowed to come near your vehicle during transport.

There are two standard sizes of the containers: 20’ and 40’ in length. The 20’ container is adequate for auto transport of one vehicle. Therefore, if you need auto export for one car, it would be the most suitable size for you. The 40’ container is spacious enough for up to four vehicles of average sizes. In case you want to ship two cars via our ocean freight, container Ocean Freight  car shipping would be extremely cost-effective for you.

Ocean Freight Car Shipping Canada​ Container
Ocean Freight Car Shipping Canada​ Roll On Roll Off Shipping (RORO) ​

Roll On Roll Off Shipping (RORO) Canada

RORO is a simple, economic car exporting method. ME Auto Export clients usually select RORO for single auto transport. Our agents will drive your car onto the vessel and secure it to the decks, alongside with various vehicles of other clients. 

Since RORO does not require haulage and lashing, it is a simpler car exporting method in comparison to container car shipping. Ports and customs procedures are also easier and faster. Because of those benefits, RORO is a very economical and flexible shipping method.

ME Auto Export Services provides RORO car shipping across the world. We will deliver your car from Canadian ports to North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. We can agree on the best terms for your overseas car shipping easily and ship your car whenever you find it convenient!s

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Why Choose Us For Ocean Freight?

ME Auto Export Services is a client-oriented company. We design our services based on your needs and requirements. 

Typically, the car shipping companies approve auto transport of at least 4 vehicles. If you want to ship only one car, the price would be very high! 

At ME Auto Export, you can import only one vehicle without extra charges! In case you want to transport more cars, you can do that as well. Our large containers can ship up to 4 vehicles so you can complete a large auto transport with one service. Contact Now!

We Provide

Speed and efficiency

Our auto transport doesn’t take more time than necessary. We do not keep vehicles in ports for days, we do not have unexplained delays. In case there are any sudden setbacks, we notify our customers immediately.

Reliability and Safety

Our experience in car forwarding took the safety measures of our services to the next level. We document the condition of the vehicle before the transport as proof of our efficiency. When the car arrives at its final destination, you can do additional checkups and ensure the vehicle stays intact during the car shipping process.

Innovative auto export methodologies

We utilize modern tools, materials, and technologies for our freights. ME Auto Export constantly implements services to stay on top of the auto export industry in Canada.

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