Air Cargo Overseas Car Shipping

Air Cargo Overseas Car Shipping is typically the fastest mode for long-distance Auto transport. Our international air freight Auto Transport shipping service offers the fastest way to ship your cars worldwide. ME Auto Export Services Inc is a trusted auto shipping service provider in Oakville, Ontario Canada.  

Our first priority is to deliver your vehicle safe and sound with no scratches. We use the best techniques to secure your car in a container. We are the best Canadian Overseas Car shipping Company. We manage safe car shipping worldwide at convenient pricing. We work with clients from all Canadian provinces. Thus, we can transport vehicles from/to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Fast Shipping by Air Cargo

ME Auto Export Services provides premium car shipping by air all over the world. Air freight is the fastest shipping method. Because of its speed and flexibility, air cargo is one of the highest-demanded auto transport services at our company. We can deliver vehicles from one part of the globe to another within days! The speed of our auto export does not affect its quality, however our certified team will handle your cargo professionally and efficiently. You can request air cargo for auto vehicles and motorcycles.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Jordan are some destinations where you can send your car with our air cargo. Apart from international car exporting services, we also offer Canadian car shipping. Therefore, if you have a vehicle in the GTA, Edmonton, Alberta, Montreal, or anywhere else in Canada and you want to transport it to a different part of the country, we can help you! Shipping by plane will save time and effort.

Air Cargo Overseas Car Shipping Canada

As a developed auto transport company, we ensure your car is shipped and delivered safely. Our professionals complete the whole security process carefully and precisely. We will treat your vehicle with care until it is delivered.

ME Auto Export Services offers air cargo Overseas Car Shipping at affordable prices. The services at our company do not include any hidden fees and taxes. If you need to deliver vehicles quickly and safely, our air freight is ideal for you! Consult our customer service and get your car delivered to its destination ultra-quickly and safely!

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Why Choose Us?

ME Auto Export Service is a client-oriented company. We design our services based on your needs and requirements. 

Typically, the car shipping companies approve auto transport of at least 4 vehicles. If you want to ship only one car, the price would be very high! 

At ME Auto Export, you can import only one vehicle without extra charges! In case you want to transport more cars, you can do that as well. Our large containers can ship upto 4 vehicles so you can complete a large auto transport with one service. Contact Now!

We Provide

Speed and efficiency

Our auto transport doesn’t take more time than necessary. We do not keep vehicles in ports for days, we do not have unexplained delays. In case there are any sudden setbacks, we notify our customers immediately.

Reliability and Safety

Our experience in car forwarding took the safety measures of our services to the next level. We document the condition of the vehicle before the transport as proof of our efficiency. When the car arrives at its final destination, you can do additional checkups and ensure the vehicle stays intact during the car shipping process.

Innovative auto export methodologies

We utilize modern tools, materials, and technologies for our freights. ME Auto Export constantly implements services to stay on top of the auto export industry in Canada.

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